23 3 / 2014

I started watching Fresh Off the Boat since a friend recommended to me. 

It was an incredible fun show to watch. 

I was guided by him to rediscover NYC, my favorite city in the world, also the city I currently live. 

There are many highlights worth sharing in the episodes. I can’t hold my mouth watering all the time. 

Super Taste Noodles, Baohaus, the steakhouse in Brooklyn serving the best steak in New York, I just can’t believe I am surrounded by so many great gourmet places. 

I need to pay more attention to the wonderfulness I neglect everyday. 

I think his show is with a very liberal, open, and modern view of everything. It’s not just about food, travel, it’s about culture and people. 

It’s not cheesy at all, which almost all other travel and food documentaries usually tend to be. 

I’d very much like to see more of this series coming.

Eddie Huang, swag man! 

04 2 / 2014


The new “C is for Cooking” DVD is out! Om nom nom!Granny Bird? Sounds so fun.. 


The new “C is for Cooking” DVD is out! Om nom nom!Granny Bird? Sounds so fun.. 

09 1 / 2014

I’ve been thinking this recently. No, actually always. 

But recently got some new lights on it.  


Yet it’s hard to figure out what makes you happy. 

The point is, you should always try, try, and keep trying! When you are still young.

Ok… my career interests have been like those:  

1. Producer, editor, creative. 策划,制片,创意

2. Marketing research, advertising research, and media research. 营销分析,广告分析,媒体分析  

3. Consulting, business strategy, finance, investment 咨询,商业战略,金融,投资 

4. Graphic designer, web design, editor, publisher 平面设计,网页设计,编辑,出版人,美编

It freaks me a little, because I though I had clearer answer after working for a year. But it’s still so open to possibilities. I need a clue.. 

12 1 / 2013

It’s already 2013 honey!!!!

I’m still in the feeling of being around by 2012. The moment when I was staring at the ball dropping at Times Square on TV, I suddenly realized one thing that I never was so strongly aware of, time really flies. No, flees. How sad it was when the countdown was happening, without a single hesitation to stop, and you can never think of going back. Never.

It shocked me, in a way it never had, as I said.

I don’t know how other people will feel about this. It is the first time I felt about it, and finally captured by a feeling of fear or scare, somehow.

Alright. Anyway it happened like that. Already. Just no more complaints and excuses.


Looking into my 2013, which is already here, what can I expect and wish for?

I would make a list, which majorly concentrates on three big things:


—Job hunting,

—Reading & English & Self development.

You know, as a lazy girl who’s graduating this May, it’s really important for her to organize her ponderous life this semester and BE A LADY. (It’s like the “be a man” joke from Russel Peters)

Stop whatever hinders, thwarts, cramps, blocks, deters, fetters, burdens, and prohibits you, and be a stronger, braver, and more mature lady as you can be.

It’s kinda late and tired to write more. Just stop here and I will think of a thorough acting plan for my 2013 resolution. 

Good luck to everyone, I mean it, bc I know how unlucky a person can be, and it’s not usual to live a life without obstacles and sometime evilness. So cherish the peaceful life you have right now, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed. 


26 9 / 2012


There was an announcement today that Barnes and Noble will be adding video rentals to its Nook.

The Nook, like the iPad, and the Kindle, are really just devices - devices that benefit from the device-agnostic functionality of the internet platform. In the past, information delivery and…

26 9 / 2012


heard this today, part of something amazing. magical day

Good night with the hope of a brand new day tomorrow.

26 9 / 2012

It’s time to redefine yourself.

—Seriously, it’s the time to decide how you gonna live your life. Did you ever try to love yourself? Fully respect yourself? Even, did you ever try to know yourself.

—Did you ever know what do you really want and need instead keeping comparing yourself with someone else of no importance at all to your life.

—Did you ever look into your heart and try to dig out, what’s the meaning of YOUR life, and shout it out bravely?

—Did you ever take actions to go for it, with no hesitation and no regret?

—Did you ever make your own judgement, but not follow other’s saying?

—Did you ever insist in what you believe, with the courage and true honesty?

—Did you ever make a perseverance to all of these above.

I think it’s the time to start it now.

Right before the coming of “2012”. (You know what it is)

Now, please give up all your old-dated way of thinking, and start to enjoy your new life.

New Semester Resolution:

1 Healthy body and life schedule.

2 Enjoy what you really like to learn, like to do, and like to enjoy. Think it through before you decide what’s you really like.

3 No comparison with others. No comparison in a negative way.

4 No rush to your destination. Think about the process, and how you gonna plan to enjoy it.

5 Think about what you already have and how you gonna make use of it.

6 No regret of what you already done before.

7 Love yourself, really, you gonna do that and you have to.

8 Always put the first rule as the most important one.

24 9 / 2012

It’s so called  萝莉脸 爷们心!



20 9 / 2012

Never, ever, compare yourself to others… 

and that’s it.